My Vacation Lady LOVES Hawaii.  To us, Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to honeymoon or vacation.  We also think that in the age of the Covid 19 pandemic, many of our clients will be more interested in staying within the US so we think Hawaii is going to be very popular in later 2020 and beyond.

Hawaii isn’t only about the beaches.  It is the perfect blend of activities, beaches, adventures, culture, history and great food.  It’s far enough away from the East Coast to make is someplace you may not go for vacation every year but we will promise you that you’ll be sad to leave and will want to return again.

So what are some popular experiences in Hawaii?


Pearl HarborPearl Harbor– Probably the most popular tourist attraction in all of Hawaii, if you are going to Oahu, Pearl Harbor is a must see.  We usually recommend a tour so that you can get there early with pre-purchased tickets for the Arizona Memorial but for those who prefer to do it on your own, order your tickets in advance at

Diamond Head- is one of Hawaii’s most famous landmarks.  It’s a popular hiking destination with panoramic views of Waikiki and Oahu’s south shore.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve-  is one of Oahu’s most famous snorkeling sites.  Just a short drive from Waikiki, the sheltered cove offers great snorkeling and great opportunities to see lots of fish.


The Road to Hana— This is something that most of our clients will drive on their own.  We’ll give you suggestions on where to buy a picnic lunch and suggest an app and send you maps so that you can enjoy this drive at your own pace.  The sights along the way are beautiful and if you enjoy hiking, head to Oheo Gulch (Seven Sacred Pools) for a hike up to 2 waterfalls– Makahiku Falls (1 mile each way) and Waimoku Falls (4 miles round trip) along the Pipiwai Trail and bamboo forest.

Sunrise over Haleakala

Sunrise over Haleakala

Sunrise over Haleakala – views like this will be worth the 2am wake up call.  You can bike ride down the mountain after the sunrise for an early morning thrill.  If biking isn’t your thing, we can arrange for a small group excursion.  You can also go on your own but since early 2017, advance reservations are required for sunrise viewing.

Luau- No trip to Hawaii should miss a luau.  My Vacation Lady thinks that the luaus in Maui are among the best and we recommends luaus to our clients.  We’ve personally experienced 5 luaus in Maui so we can help our clients figure out which is best for them.


Napali Coast

Napali Coast

Napali Coast- The best ways to see the Napali Coast are by air, sea or hike (and we are talking a MAJOR hike). Many of our clients will opt for a snorkeling tour or a sunset cruise that will take you to the Napali Coast.  The snorkeling tours are either on a catamaran or an expedition raft which will offer amazing views of the sea cliffs, the waterfalls and sea life along the Napali Coast.

Waimea Canyon– Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, this is another do it yourself excursion that can be as active or relaxed as you want it to be.  Waimea Canyon is a great place to get a view of the Napali Coast – if you get there early enough.  It can get foggy at the top so plan to arrive by around 9am and drive straight up to the Kalalau Lookout first.  From this vantage point you can see the coast.  From there, after you check out the gorgeous views, continue to the last lookout point, the Pu’u o Kila Lookout for great views of the valley.  If you arrive 10 am or later, the chances of seeing nothing but clouds is likely.  It can also get chilly up here so bring a sweatshirt.

Ziplining- One of our favorite adventures in Kauai is ziplining!  You can choose from a shorter tour to one that includes hiking, kayaking and ziplining so let us help you decide what might be the best one for you!

Big Island

Stargazing at Mauna Kea-  Almost 14,000 feet above sea level, Mauna Kea is home to 11 of the most powerful telescopes in the world.  Because the air is so clear and it is so dark, Mauna Kea is about as close to the stars as you’ll get.  We can arrange for a guided stargazing tour that will take you up to the summit where you’ll get great night time viewing.  We do recommend this type of tour since doing it on your own may require getting there super early to find parking.

Helicopter Ride over the Volcano- for the best view of the active volcano, Kilauea and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a helicopter tour is the way to go.  These tours leave from the Kona side so you’ll also get to see some great views of the Big Island before flying over the volcano.  With any luck, you may get to see some lava flowing out of the volcano!  If you don’t want to take a helicopter, take an excursion or drive over to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and drive the Crater Rim Road or join in on some park ranger led hikes.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

Explore some waterfalls– From Rainbow Falls to the 442 foot Akaka Falls, and so many more, you can drive to them on your own or do what my son and daughter in law did.  They took a small group Kohala Waterfall Adventure Tour and actually swam under a waterfall!

My Vacation Lady is an award winning travel agency, as well as a Hawaii Destination Specialist.  When we design your Hawaii honeymoon or vacation, it will include activities and excursions and dining options to give you the kind of experience you’ve dreamed of.  When it comes to planning your Hawaii honeymoon or vacation, My Vacation Lady will design an itinerary for you that will create  memories to last a lifetime.