Would you ever consider taking your kids on an adventure vacation?

Do you even really know what an adventure vacation would be?

Don’t feel bad because most people don’t know what might be considered an adventure vacation because there are so many different facets to an adventure vacation.

A good number of  My Vacation Lady’s clients will try out some adventures on their vacations– even with their kids and grandchildren.

White water rafting in Costa Rica

According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, there are 3 distinct categories of adventure travelers:

  1. Adventure grazers- first timers who are eager to try out moderate risk activities in order to check them off their bucket list
  2. Adventurers are more of the repeaters.  They’ll repeat moderate risk activities that they have enjoyed previously.  Cathy and Jeff probably fall into that category.
  3. Enthusiasts are in it for the heart pounding, adrenaline pumping activities.  Not really sure any of my families will fall into that category.

Adventure means something different to every traveler.  Sometimes it can mean stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that you haven’t done before.

Where do you fall in the adventure traveler category?

I would say that my family is more of the Adventurers.  We took our kids on a number of activities like ziplining, tubing, hiking and biking when they were younger and now that they are young adults, they’ll do a bit of adventure in every trip they take.

My Vacation Lady  can help customize your vacation to include as much or as little adventure as you might like and we may suggest stepping out of your comfort zone for a couple of activities that we have done and really enjoyed.  Let us help plan your next vacation!