Honey-boomer– have you ever heard of this before.  Believe it or not, neither did My Vacation Lady until we saw an article from a travel writer, Robyn Ironside,  from Australia a couple of years ago.

Growth in couples who holiday without the kids has become so strong they’ve been given their own name — honeyboomers.

Not unlike “babymooners”, honeyboomers generally seek to enjoy time alone to work on their relationship while the kids stay at home with relatives.

Being at home with the kids for a year now during the Covid pandemic, between working from home to virtual schooling, this makes it ever so much harder for couples to have alone time and, even more than that– fun and romantic alone time.

Whether or not we every had a name for this type of romance travel, My Vacation Lady has been helping our clients plan these types of vacations for years.  We might have a client calling for help planning an anniversary vacation or a just, we need to get away without the kids vacation.

Lauren and Nick are in Antigua as we speak for their first kid free vacation since their honeymoon.

I planned Amy and Chris’ honeymoon back in 2005 and their boys are tweens and most years since we’ve helped them plan an adult only vacation.   Sometimes, they’ll go alone and sometimes, have other couples go with them.

Justin called us for a surprise vacation for his wife, shortly after the birth of their first child.  They needed some adult time while mom watched the baby.

Regardless of what you call it, My Vacation Lady calls this time of travel- ROMANCE TRAVEL and this is one of our specialties.

Rather than spending hours in front of the computer researching hotels and destinations, let the romance travel professionals at My Vacation Lady help you rekindle the romance.

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