Lauren reached out to ask about going to Aruba for their honeymoon now that they were set on having their wedding in April.  They were scheduled to go to Bali last year but the wedding got postponed.  She said that she didn’t want to fly that far this time and didn’t realize that Bali still was closed to tourists.


My Vacation Lady has been seeing this a lot.  The original honeymoon destination may not be open or may have very rigid Covid entry rules so  our honeymooners are really confused on where they can go if they need to change their honeymoon destination.

When I spoke to Lauren, I asked her why Aruba?  Bali and Aruba are very very different.  Bali – unique hotels, beaches, lots of natural beauty and soft adventure.  Aruba- beautiful beaches, watersports and lots of larger and more well known hotel brands.

Her answer, “my friends went there so that I know it’s open”

What Lauren didn’t realize was that it was really, really different than what they were looking for originally.  Nor did she realize that she needed a negative Covid test within 72 hours of departing and then again within 72 hours of returning back to the US.  And she needed to buy insurance while in Aruba.

Good think I kept all of my notes from their honeymoon consultataion from over a year ago.  We spoke about a few other destinations.  Some with more liberal covid entry policies and other destinations that may fit more of the activities and excursions ideas they had.

Where will they go for their postponed honeymoon?  I have a good idea of what will be best for them and I’ll speak to Lauren again this week.

Will it be Bali- no.  Will it be wonderful– YES.

My Vacation Lady is a top rated honeymoon planner.  We won’t tell you where you have to go but we will guide you toward the honeymoon destination that will fit your dreams and budget.

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