My Vacation Lady helps LOTS of engaged couples plan their dream honeymoons and every couple is looking for something slightly different.  In an article we read a while back, from the Brides Honeymoon Guide from the UK, they gave definitions to a number of different honeymoon styles.



Here are some different styles of honeymoons

  • Fly and Flop– get off the plane and just relax by the beach
  • The Cool School– looking for a modern chic and fun honeymoon, maybe some city vibe mixed in
  • Spa Geeks– these honeymooners want some serious pampering
  • Foodie Fanatics– it’s all about the food and wine for these honeymooners.  Local markets, farm to table and gourmet dining and everything in between
  • Adventure Seekers– from safaris, to heli hiking, to ziplining and more- these honeymooners want outdoor activities
  • Family Fun– bring the kids, bring the whole clan.
  • Wellness Warriors– these honeymooners want to renew and recharge after a hectic time planning a wedding.

So if you are the type of honeymooner who fits into any of these categories or you would like to combine a few, the team of honeymoon specialists at My Vacation Lady can help.

We won’t be the first to tell you that your honeymoon should be special but we are the right honeymoon planners to make it special.

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