It’s been a long year or maybe we should say a long 21 months.

Since Covid changed the world of travel in March 2020, it’s been a bit crazy to try to figure out the

  • Where you can safely travel?
  • Which destinations do you need covid tests in advance?
  • What pre travel paperwork do you need to fill out?

For the last 21 months the team at My Vacation Lady has been providing our clients with the tools and tips they have needed to safely travel in our new world.

So where are you going in 2022?

If you haven’t booked your vacation for 2022, what are you waiting for?  Prices and availability for some of our favorite honeymoon and  vacation destinations are already sold out.   Remember how it was to get toilet paper in March 2020?  Remember that you were willing to pay whatever it cost to get some TP?  Well that’s what’s going on in 2022 in the world of travel.

The team of My Vacation Lady can help you wade through all of the questions you may have when we plan your honeymoon or vacation.

Remember we are  **********WEDDING WIRE and THE KNOT APPROVED**********