My Vacation Lady is a top rated honeymoon specialist and honeymoon planner according to the couples on both Wedding Wire and the Knot.

We’ve been planning our clients dream honeymoons for 25 years.  We all know what happened last year (2020) and we chose to forget it ever existed.

Booking your honeymoon in 2021 is also a CHALLENGE.   

You may ask why and we’ll be happy to tell you why, in 2021, you should use a honeymoon specialist when it comes to booking your dream honeymoon.

Things keep changing.    Is your honeymoon destination even open to tourism?  

  • Do you need a covid test? 
    • What kind of test?   PCR, NAAT, rapid test?
    • How many days before?  is it within 72 hours (yes, hours count) or is it within 3 days?
  • Do you need to be vaccinated?
    • Yes, for Tahiti.
  • If you’re not, can you enter with a negative covid test?  No for Tahiti but yes for Greece.
  • If you are island hopping, do you need to test before flying between islands?  Yes, for Hawaii (in most cases).  No for Tahiti but you do need tests on day 4.  No for Greece yet.

Booking your reservation may be different than before

  • If you need a car in your honeymoon destination, book it now and make sure it’s paid in full.  You may not be able to find a car rental if you want to try to book upon arrival.
  • Hotels and activities aren’t running at 100 % occupancy yet so make sure your hotel and excursions are prebooked way in advance.
  • This really isn’t the time to be spontaneous– if you want to dine in a specific restaurant, make the reservation NOW.  If you want a spa treatment, book it now.
  • Be prepared to find things a bit different.  We’re not talking bad different but expect some of the activities to be limited.  Room service may not be available.  Room cleaning may not be done on the same schedules.  There may be less loungers around the pool and the ones at the beach will be set further apart.
  • Flight schedule changes- be prepared for them.  They’re happening more and more.  Frank and Julieann’s flights from Tahiti to Los Angeles changes 4 or 5 times already.  First we added a day in Tahiti, then we took one back, then we added in 2.  Then we needed to reduce by one or add in 3 more nights.    Connecting flights may  change and cause you to miss your next flight.

Yes, all of this is happening and more and has happened to My Vacation Lady‘s clients in the last couple of weeks.  The amount of emails and texts going out to our clients for changes are insane.  Many start with URGENT- call me now.  Because, honestly, all of these changes need to be done NOW and not tomorrow or next week.

The team at My Vacation Lady  has the experience and resources to make these changes less stressful.  Weddings are stressful enough.  Covid rules are stressful enough.  The team at My Vacation Lady will help alleviate your stress while planning your dream honeymoon.


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