Two years ago, the world basically shut down.   I remember the last time I ate inside a restaurant.  I remember the last time we saw some friends and family.  The world came to a screeching halt.

Fast forward to March 2022- THE WORLD IS REOPENING!

  • Fiji reopened in December
  • Australia reopened in February
  • Great Britain no longer requires a covid test before arrival if you are fully vaccinated
  • Switzerland is allowing fully vaccinated tourists in without covid tests and passenger locator forms.
  • Tahiti is now requiring a booster if your covid vaccines are over 6 months old.  Many of the European Union nations are doing the same.


With Covid rules and regulations changing on a very frequent basis, we, at My Vacation Lady  encourage you to use a professional travel advisor to plan your travel.

This morning we emailed all of our clients heading to Tahiti to alert them that if their vaccine is over 6 months old, they will need a booster.  We’ll let them know when that may change again.

The team at My Vacation Lady can help you plan your next vacation or honeymoon to places near or far!


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