When My Vacation Lady speaks to new clients for the first time, one of the things we are going to ask is what your budget is.

Why do we need to know that?

  • The answer is very simple.  We don’t want to present you with options that fit your dreams but are not something you can afford.
  • We don’t want to give you something that is value oriented if you are expecting more luxurious.

During our consultations, we’ll ask about the level of hotels that you prefer.

  • We may ask if you are looking for a Four Seasons or St Regis- 5 star luxury.  Are you more comfortable with a 4 star property like a Sheraton or Marriott?  Do you prefer a Hampton Inn- 3 star?
  • For our clients who are Disney World fans, we may ask if you want the Grand Floridian vs. Port Orleans vs. All Stars.

When we ask what your budget is and we hear “I don’t have one”, we know that you just don’t know what your dream honeymoon or vacation will cost.

We KNOW that you have a $$ in mind that you want to spend.

The other day, Maria called about a honeymoon to Greece.  How much will a honeymoon to Santorini cost?  That’s not an answer we can just make up since there are so many components that go into planning a honeymoon to Greece.

  • when do you want to go?
  • how long do you want to stay?
  • how many different areas in Greece do you want to visit?  Which islands?
  • Do you want a private plunge pool, jacuzzi on your balcony, ocean view?

I asked Maria what her budget was and she said that she didn’t have one.

Getting a bit more in detail, I gave Maria some prices for flights- almost $3000 for both of them and a guestimate of $500 a night for the type of room she wanted.  I threw out a ball park budget of what many of my clients will spend in Greece- $10,000.  I heard silence from Maria.  She wanted to hear that she could spend 10 nights in Greece for $6000.  So she did, indeed, have a budget.  Unfortunately, her dreams were higher than her budget.

The team at My Vacation Lady will try to match your dreams to your budget but you have to give us an idea of what that budget is.  Our goal is to design a seamless and stress free vacation or honeymoon package for you so that all you need to do is go and enjoy.  Let us know if we can help.

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