The team at My Vacation Lady is incredibly busy planning 2023 honeymoons and our last honeymoon planning hack, was to PLAN EARLY.

That is still very true and very important but our 2nd honeymoon planning hack for 2023 is to be FLEXIBLE!

Bill and Meghan came to us in March to plan a honeymoon to the Tahitian islands in August.  Even 5 months ahead, availability was very tight on their dates and pricing was higher than their budget.  We suggested September or October but they really wanted August.

We offered Fiji as another exotic and tropical island honeymoon destination and prices were more reasonable and there was better availability but the travel time was more than they wanted.

They decided on an adult only all inclusive resort in the Caribbean instead.

Jenn and Will were looking to go to Hawaii in August.  When we looked at pricing for their 2 week honeymoon, we suggested postponing until October so that we could save them about $2000.  By switching the order of the islands, we were able to reduce the total package price by yet another $1000.

Samantha and John came to us in late March looking for a 2 week honeymoon to Greece in September.  Since they are actually getting married in June, they could be flexible with the dates and by playing around with those dates.  That enabled us to plan their dream honeymoon within their budget.

We don’t make up pricing- the airlines, hotels and activities companies decide what they want to charge.  It’s all supply and demand and demand is insane for this year.

OUR TOP PLANNING TIPS if you haven’t already booked your 2023 honeymoon:


The team at My Vacation Lady will try to work our magic to help plan your dream honeymoon based on your dates and budget- but we aren’t magicians.  So remember- book early, be flexible with dates, locations and your budget!

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