It’s early April 2023 and the team at My Vacation Lady is super busy planning our client’s 2023 honeymoons and vacations.

Guess what the TOP honeymoon planning tip is for 2023?  

  • Is it knowing where you want to go?   Helpful but no.
  • Is it knowing your budget?  Again, helpful but no.

The top honeymoon planning hack for 2023 is PLAN EARLY!

2023 is unlike any other year that we have experienced in our many years of honeymoon planning.

There are certain honeymoon destinations that are already sold out or almost sold out for September:

For a very popular 5 star hotel in the Oia area of Santorini, Greece for Sept 12-17, 2023

We’re sorry, there is no availability 

OR if it is available prices are so insane that it’s out of most of our client’s reach.

Top honeymoon destinations for the summer and even fall of 2023 are already so booked up that if you are looking at specific dates, you’ll need to be flexible in the accommodations you are willing to accept.

If you are flexible with the dates, we may be able to give you more options.


If you are planning to get married over the summer and are looking for Europe, you need to plan and book NOW.  If you are looking for French Polynesia or Hawaii this summer or fall, you need to plan and book NOW.  Don’t wait until you get your taxes back.  You may be too late.

My Vacation Lady is a top rated honeymoon specialist.

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