My Vacation Lady is frequently asked why honeymooners should book through a travel advisor who specializes in honeymoons.  We get asked what makes a honeymoon specialist different from the online sites or even with a travel agent that handles their work travel?  

YES, real travel advisors do exist and those who specialize in honeymoons and romance travel, like My Vacation Lady, are the most up to date on the best destinations and resorts that cater to honeymooners.

  • We will first schedule a honeymoon consultation with both of you so that we can really get to know you and find out the type of experiences you are looking for during this very special vacation.
  • We’ll help narrow down your list of options so that you don’t get overwhelmed by everything that is out there.
  • We’ll work with you closely to help find your ideal honeymoon destination and itinerary— the one that will fit your dreams and budget.
  • Then, we’ll offer you choices in hotels or resorts so that you can feel confident that the one you choose will provide the amenities, ambiance and experience that you’re looking for.
  • We’ll make sure that all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed so that your honeymoon package is seamless and stress free.
  • We’ll provide valuable information about your destination and help you pre-book activities and experiences to enhance your honeymoon.
  • We’re there for you during the planning process, while you’re on your honeymoon and once you return.

Most importantly, we’ll work with you to help match the vision of your dream honeymoon to what we design for you.  We follow up on all of the details and we’ll save you time and offer value for your honeymoon dollars.

Your honeymoon should be special and My Vacation Lady the right honeymoon specialist to make it special.

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