My Vacation Lady knows that not every island in the Caribbean is the same and we try to help guide our clients toward the islands that will best fit their dreams and desires.  Some islands have lots and lots of all inclusive resorts and some we will recommend that our clients NOT go to an all inclusive because there are so many great dining options outside of their hotels.

Anguilla- this tiny island has over 100 restaurants ranging from beach shacks to 5 star restaurants in top rated hotels.  Known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean with a cuisine that is influenced by native Caribbean, Spanish, French, English and African cultures, with a focus on fresh local seafood.

Aruba- is another island with some great restaurants to eat where your feet are in the sand.  Aruba’s culinary scene is unlike any other destination thanks to the island’s diverse makeup of people from all over the world. Spend just a few minutes walking through the capital of Oranjestad and you’ll encounter a surprising variety of cuisine – from classic Dutch and French fare to zesty South American dishes to fresh sushi and poké. With over 250 restaurants on-island, you’ll awaken your palate with countless flavors from afar.

Barbados- is one of the few islands that is Zagat rated.  You can enjoy everything from flying fish at a beach shack or Osten’s Friday night fish fry or head to some of the top restaurants like  the Cliff Restaurant or the Tides for a formal meal or Local and Co for some great farm to table and sea to table food.  Bajan cuisine is a mixture of African, Portuguese, Indian, Irish, Creole, Indigenous and British background.

Grand Cayman– has become a popular foodie island due to the annual Cayman Cookout, which brings top chefs including Anthony Bourdain, Jose Andres and Eric Ripert to the island for a culinary extravaganza in January.  With over 200 restaurants, the focus is on fresh seafood and international culinary influences.  Authentic Cayman cuisine typically features local ingredients like coconut, plantains, conch, cassava, tuna, snapper, mahi, rice and peas, yams, and mango and the locals of the Cayman Islands love coconut shrimp, fish fritters, spicy beef or chicken, and fish fry.  Many a tourist has brought home a Cayman rum cake or fruit cake!

St Martin- The French side of this island is probably the epicenter of fabulous food in the Caribbean.  From street food and lolos to high end restaurants, Grand Case is where you want to be for great food!  The Island’s specialty is French cuisine with a West Indian twist.  Try out a Johnny Cake for breakfast or a snack.  Their an island favorite!

Martinique -from classic French dishes to bold Creole recipes, Martinique is the home to a ton of feet in the sand beach restaurants.  The famous Le Petibonum was one of the first and helped to redefine a Caribbean beach restaurant.

Turks and Caicos- With all of the luxury resorts, restaurants in Turks and Caicos have evolved a delicious fusion of international tastes and local seafood dishes.  There are over 60 restaurants alone in Providenciales (where the tourism region of Grace Bay is located).  Definitely try the Conch Fritters (a hold over from before the island became a luxury tourist destination)

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If you want a tropical vacation with great beaches and great food, look no further than the Caribbean.  Let the team of professional travel advisors at My Vacation Lady guide you to the island that is best for your dream vacation or honeymoon!

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