My Vacation Lady sends honeymooners all over the world and while we focus on Hawaii and the Caribbean and Mexico as some great honeymoon destinations, our goal is to give our readers a chance to explore some other destinations that might be the perfect honeymoon destination for them.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore some different destinations that we have sent our honeymooners to and they have returned with memories that will last a lifetime.

For France, we interviewed Theresa Doyle of Andiamo, a company that offers customized France vacations and honeymoons.

1. What makes your destination such a great honeymoon destination?

France continues to be embraced as the land of love and romance, just as it has been for centuries. From its magical medieval castles, to its vibrant city nightlife, honeymoon couples will experience the magic that is France. Surrounded by the beauty of its brilliantly laid out cities, magnificent parks, and world class dining, they are enveloped by the unique joi de vivre that sets France apart from all other places.

Strolling along the banks of the Seine or the lavender fields of Province, allows couples total leisure to relax and revel in each other’s company. The charm of tiny villages along with the excitement of France’s modern cities provide a perfect balance of adventures for the honeymoon couple.

2. What is the best time of year to go?

France offers couples an entire calendar year of extraordinary experiences that make honeymoons memorable. From the romance and magic of Paris in spring, languid summer evenings in Provence, countryside vineyards in autumn, to the slopes of Charmonix in winter, France offers couples a wide selection of activities tailored to their most treasured interests

3. What do you think is the perfect length to stay in France?

That depends on the travel personality of the couple. Some prefer to stay in one place to absorb the flavors and feel of the area, while others want to cover as much ground as possible. After the stress of wedding planning, the couple would do well to downsize its expectations depending on how much time they can devote to their wedding trip.

A week in one location with side trips to neighboring areas works well for most couples with limited time or budgets. For those who have the luxury of 10 days or 2 weeks for their honeymoon, it’s easier to prepare an itinerary that concentrates on one area of the country, such as Paris or the Riviera, and then add a second area of France that has an entirely different energy

4. What type of unique resorts or accommodations makes your destination so great for honeymooners?

France offers charming, romantic hotels where personal service is the key to a memorable stay. Whether a suite in a modern hotel, or a cozy room in a medieval building, there are accommodations match the taste and budget of our honeymoon couple.

5. Where would you place an average honeymoon budget in your destination using a 10 day honeymoon in 4 star accommodations for 2 without airfare?

We can create itineraries and to fit many budgets but typically, prices in France (as with most of Europe) would range from moderate to a bit more expensive.

Moderately priced- $5000-7500

A bit more expensive- $7500-10000

6. What would be your idea of a perfect honeymoon itinerary in your destination for a combination of romance and a bit of excursions/activities/sightseeing?

Seven nights in Paris with “must sees” in Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Versailles and perhaps a dinner cruise? We would also suggest day trips to Versailles, the Loire Valley, and Monet’s home at Giverny, followed by 3 nights on the French Riviera or in Provence, to explore another facet of France’s beauty and charm.

7. If there was one tip that you can give a honeymoon couple about why they should pick your destination, what would it be?

France has always welcomed romantics, and for centuries it has been home to literary giants and brilliant artists who chose the country for its beauty, charm and sense of romance. There is no greater joy than to begin married life immersed in the allure and romance of this magical country.

Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley

My Vacation Lady recently customized a honeymoon for clients who were both history and wine buffs.  They flew into Paris, visited Versailles, and Champagne, Normandy, and the Loire Valley before returning to Paris for more sightseeing and their flight back to the U.S.  It was definitely a honeymoon of a lifetime and Scott hasn’t stopped posting pictures on Facebook :).  We were able to provide them with a seamless and stress free honeymoon based on their wish list and budget and we know that it was a honeymoon that they will remember for a lifetime.

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