When you think of the Greek Islands, you automatically think of romance.  Remember the Broadway show Mama Mia, which was later made into a movie?  What could be more romantic than the whitewashed buildings built into the cliffs of the Greek Islands.  The romance of the Greek Islands is also the perfect reason that Greece makes a great honeymoon destination.

A Greek Island honeymoon  combines the best of a European getaway full of history, culture and great food and combines it with sun and  the beach.   The Greek Islands still retained their charm, village feel and slower pace of life.  On most of the islands, it’s easy to find a nice quiet spot to relax and soak up the history and atmosphere of Greece or sip a glass of wine overlooking the sea and see some of the most spectacular sunsets.

What are the most romantic Greek Islands?

Santorini is one of those places that most people only dream of.  It is just stunningly beautiful.  The hotels are mainly  small boutique properties built into the side of the cliff with most overlooking the caldera.  Some of the rooms are built into the side of the mountain and may have been carved out of the rocks so each may be a bit different and there are few, if any places on earth, that you will ever see rooms like this.

You’ll be enchanted by the narrow paths which wind their way past the whitewashed homes, resorts and small shops built to the side of the volcanic cliffs.

Picture this romantic way to spend your evening–sitting on your balcony at your boutique hotel built into the edge of the cauldron, and enjoying dinner together while the sun sets over the Aegean sea, almost 1000 feet below.   That’s what so many of My Vacation Lady’s clients will do!

Mykonos has a reputation as being the “party island” of the Greek Islands. This is the island you come to for the beaches but also for the fun and the nightlife as well.  It can get crowded in the summer.  Spend a couple of  days relaxing on the beaches, stroll the town’s whitewashed streets,  relax with a drink in a taverna on the waterfront while enjoying the sunset,   enjoy the exciting nightlife and take in all that Mykonos has to offer.  Mykonos has been the favorite destination for jet setters from around the world.

Crete is known for its fine beaches, captivating history, memorable villages and towns.     The island has warm clear sea and endless beaches combined with  a rich history and culture,  a diverse natural landscape, and charming, unique accommodations. Tour the Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum full of Minoan artifacts or enjoy the sea-side towns of Chania, and Rethymnon, the quaint area of Elounda, or the cosmopolitan feel of Heraklion.  Take a hike in the canyons or along the river gorges.   Crete combines the history, outdoor activities with the beach making it an ideal island for honeymooners.   More and more of My Vacation Lady’s clients are going to Crete for the history, adventure and beautiful beaches.

Here are some fun and romantic experiences to see and do in Crete:

*Hike along the old Heraklion city walls or the stunning Imbros Gorge- longest in Europe!
*Explore the cave that Zeus was born in
*Paddle in a kayak at the one and only natural lake in Crete for impossibly beautiful views
*Participate in olive harvesting
*Learn the delicious secrets of Cretan cuisine by local chefs, tastings are a must!
*Indulge in the warm soothing crystalline waters and ever-present sunshine
*Sip and savor local blends at an old village winery


When is the best time to visit Greece?

While Athens and mainland Greece are typically open for tourism all yearlong, the Greek Islands have a shorter season- typically only May -October.  The summer in the Greek Islands is hot and it’s peak season so it will be crowded.  But on the other hand, many of the   hotels and restaurants close during the winter months.   The spring and fall are nice times to visit but may not be beach weather.

How expensive is it to honeymoon in Greece?

This is always a difficult question because there are so many different options and choices that will determine price.  Suffice it to say that Greece is not as expensive as Italy but is still Europe and, therefore, it will not be an inexpensive destination.  Many of My Vacation Lady’s honeymooners opt to spend a couple of nights in Athens and then spend much more time in 2-3 islands.  For those with a higher budget, they might choose rooms with private pools or outdoor Jacuzzi.  The types of resorts and the type of room you book will certainly change the cost from one honeymoon to another but an idea of a typical 10 night honeymoon can run about $8,000-$10,000,  for 4-5 star properties in Athens and 2 islands with transportation between the islands and round trip flights from Athens and some fun activities.

 Some great Greek Island Honeymoon Tips:

1.  Relax— you’re on island time.

2.   Greeks are notoriously late diners.  If you want the restaurant to yourselves, go to dinner at 6 or 7pm but if you want to experience Greek dining, the typical dinner hour is 9pm.

3.   Don’t miss the most amazing romantic sunsets in Oia (Santorini)

4.  Take a donkey ride up the cliffs in Santorini

5.  Try some Greek ouzo

6.  If you are a history buff, take an excursion to Delos from Mykonos.  According to Greek mythology it’s the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis.

7.  If sunbathing in the buff is something you have wanted to try, go to Crete.  The official nude beach is Filaki , but you can also enjoy the nature clothes-free on the Red Beach .

8.  Try something different foods.  How about  a freshly grilled octopus which used to swim in the sea just hours before you got to the restaurant!

9.  Take a ferry.  Sailing is one of the most romantic ways to explore the Greek islands.

A view of the Acropolis

10.  When you’re in Athens,  definitely visit the Acropolis is the most important landmark in Greece.  If you can, plan to view the sunset from the rock. It’s a magnificent sight.

Our honeymooners, Kaitlyn and James were asking about packing tips for their honeymoon to Greece so we gave them a few HERE 

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