Ashford Castle

IRELAND…what can you say about the “the land of 100,000 welcomes” and “40 shades of green”?  First time visitors often return and tell us that they  no idea how beautiful it truly is there.

An island?  Yes!  Palm trees?  Believe it or not–yes!  But more than that, some of THE most friendly people you will ever meet and who are thrilled to have you as their guests, who show you warm and friendly hospitality and who will stop what they are doing, even if they are on their way home from work and ask if they can help you get to your next destination.

Why is Ireland such a wonderful honeymoon destination?

What can be more romantic than staying in a castle- yes, a real castle!  Ireland has so many different types of accommodations that you can design your honeymoon to include stays in hotels, bed and breakfasts, castles, manor houses, farm houses or cottages.  My Vacation Lady can help create your honeymoon to Ireland based on your dreams and budget.

Consider Ireland for the romance of their castles, double rainbows, sheep…villages and pubs and music and Guinness, St. Patrick…and just plain “craic” (Irish for ‘fun’)!

When is the best time to go to Ireland?

Aah- weather in Ireland— Ireland is a fairly temperate place country to visit.   January and February bring frosts but seldom snow, and July and August are very warm, but rarely hot.  The Irish consider temperatures above 68 degrees to be “roasting” and below 34 degrees to be “bone chilling”.

Rain is the one constant in Irish weather but a bit of sunshine is usually just around the corner.  The  time to go to Ireland for the best weather is typically May through October, but with the warmer weather, comes higher pricing.  While it sounds like fun to spend St Paddy’s day in Ireland, it is an expensive week to travel.

What is there to see and do in Ireland?

A Pub-Crawl

Dublin has a collection of some of the world’s best pubs, tucked away on side streets, quietly minding their own business. Author, James Joyce said that it was impossible to walk across the city without passing one, and you’d be hard-pressed to do it today. Many of these places are centuries old, so touring them is a refreshing way to look at Dublin’s historic inns.  In a few hours of pub-hopping you can see  a lot of the city sights.

Ring of Kerry

At the southwest tip of the island, the most popular place to explore — and the most popular tourist spot in Ireland– is the Ring of Kerry. It is a beautiful drive, but can be crowded with tour buses.  But if you’re looking for something quieter and a bit more romantic, skip the Ring and head instead to the bucolic peace of Killarney National Park, where you can indulge in a buggy ride around its lake and leave only your footsteps.

Cliffs of Moher

If it’s one thing you see in County Clare, make it the perilously tall Cliffs of Moher where the view seems to stretch all the way to America. You can lunch in the town of Ennis, and then decide whether you’d rather spend the rest of the day exploring the touristy dinner show at Bunratty Castle.

What is the best way to see Ireland?

My Vacation Lady can customize a honeymoon just for you but one of the best ways to see and explore Ireland is by renting a car.  If you aren’t comfortable renting a car, consider an escorted tour and add on some extra time before and after the tour to explore a bit more on your own.


How expensive is Ireland?

Believe it or not, Ireland is a relative bargain by European terms.  A short 6 + hour flight from the east coast of the U.S., the air prices are a bit better than other destinations within Europe.  The Republic of Ireland (more of central and southern Ireland) uses the Euro while Northern Ireland is part of the U.K. and on the pound.  Right now, the dollar is relatively strong making an good value in Europe an even better value.

Whether you want to explore Ireland on your own or let someone else do the driving for you, Ireland is a wonderful honeymoon destination.

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