Great Honeymoon Destination- Tahiti

This week’s #Wedding Wednesday honeymoon focus is on another great honeymoon destination- the Tahitian Islands.   There are actually 118 islands in French Polynesia but there might only be a few that you might recognize the names of:

Tahiti– the turtle shaped island which is the capital of the Tahitian Islands and the home of the international airport

Moorea-is everyone’s dream of a Polynesian paradise and is just 12 miles away from Tahiti.

Bora Bora– is the jewel of the South Pacific and the home to some of the best over the water bungalows in the world

Some of the less popular, but no less spectacular are Taha’a, Raiatea, Huahine, and a bit further away, the Tuamotu Islands  include Rangiroa, Manihi, Fakarava and Tikehau.

Why is Tahiti such a great honeymoon destination?


Tahiti is a great honeymoon destination because of its natural beauty, unspoiled land, great food, unique overwater bungalows, pristine blue ocean, and magnificent soft coral  beaches.   It’s far enough away to be exotic and not someplace you are likely to be able to visit time and time again. Tahiti is a paradise and certainly offers bragging rights to honeymooners.  It is the kind of place that most people can only dream of!

When is the best time to go to Tahiti?

Just about 8 hours from Los Angeles, Tahiti is based in the same time zone as Hawaii so you don’t cross the international date line.  Their seasons are reversed with our summer being their winter.  Even with the change of seasons,  the difference in temperature is only 5-10 degrees warmer in their summer (November through April) and since the islands are cooled by gentle ocean breezes, the climate is ideal.

French Polynesia’s  climate features sunny, pleasant days and an average yearly air and water temperature of 80 degrees.   Summer is from November through April, when the climate is a bit warmer and more humid. Winter is from April through October, and the climate is slightly cooler and less humid.  July and August will likely be the coolest months.  Their summer months can be rainier so if there is a best time to go, it might be May-October.

What is a perfect itinerary?

When My Vacation Lady asked Stan Enden, representative of Tahiti Legends, his response was

The perfect length of stay is 10 days with 1 night in Papeete (Tahiti) to enjoy some of the shopping, followed by 3 nights Moorea, in a Garden or Beach bungalow and then ending your honeymoon on a WOW by staying 5 nights in a Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora.  You can enhance your honeymoon by experiencing ray and shark feeding, hiking, 4×4 mountain safari, Island shows and experience some great restaurants like bloody Mary’s and Villa Mahana.

My Vacation Lady customizes each honeymoon we plan so if your dream is 7, 10 or 14 nights, we can plan your honeymoon around your dreams and budget.

Talking about budget, how expensive is it to go to Tahiti?

While everyone’s budget is different, Tahiti is typically not an inexpensive destination.  With an average price tag of $10,000, this price can vary based on the season, length of stay, accommodations and included excursions.  The best values will be in Tahiti’s summer season (November-April) when the cost of airfare and resorts may be less.  Currently airfare from Los Angeles is running about $1500 per person, so that can take a pretty significant bite out of anyone’s budget.

What kind of unique accommodations make Tahiti so popular for honeymoons?

The Overwater Bungalows is the magnet for honeymooners.  Just imagine  getting served breakfast on your balcony that is delivered by an outrigger canoe.  Imagine diving right into the turquoise waters of the  ocean right outside your doorstep.  These bungalows are on stilts that are elevated from the water.  At night, turn on the lights which are under your bungalow and pull open your glass door and feed the fish.  Your bungalows have complete privacy from your neighbor.  What can be more romantic?

A honeymoon to Tahiti is a trip of a lifetime, with magnificent memories and an opportunity to have bragging rights to your friends that you stayed in an overwater bungalow in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

If Tahiti is on your honeymoon wish list, contact My Vacation Lady and schedule your honeymoon consultation.  See how My Vacation Lady has earned the top status of all honeymoon specialists located in New Jersey on both Wedding Wire and the Knot’s Wedding Channel.

About the Author:

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