My Vacation Lady helps lots of our clients plan international vacations and honeymoons and rarely they think about safety but rather the experiences that they will have.  Actually, that is our goal.  We want our clients to have a great experience while traveling.

In light of what recently happened in Greece with the financial instability, it was recommended that our clients heading to Greece take extra cash with them- both Euros and US $.  Carrying around large amounts of cash isn’t necessarily safe so here are some tips on how to stay safe while on vacation.

10 Commonsense tips for being safe on your vacation

  1. Don’t look like a tourist – that baseball cap and sneakers are a dead giveaway.  You’ll never see Italians or the French wearing those, so if you are traveling try to blend in.
  2. Leave the showy jewelry at home– While our newlyweds love to show off their shiny new wedding bands, those big engagement rings or heavy gold chains are better off staying home.
  3. Separate your money and credit cards- You don’t want to put all of your money and all of your credit cards together, so don’t have everything in your wallet or purse.  Separate them between a money belt (yes, we know they are really unfashionable) and your wallet or your wallet and a make up case or other small zipped pouch in your purse.
  4. Don’t put your wallet in a back pocket or back pack or an open purse-  Seems like a no brainer but most men do put their wallets in their back pockets and the easiest way to lose it is to be in a crowd and get pick pocketed.  Use your front pockets or interior jacket pockets.  Make sure your pocket book has a zipper and hold it closer to the front of your body.
  5. Avoid pulling out money in public- Rather than pulling out your wallet for making every purchase, keep some cash in your pocket or somewhere easy to reach in your purse.  Taking out a stuffed wallet can make you a target for foul play.
  6. Don’t leave your belongings unattended– This is good advise anywhere but especially when traveling.  For example don’t put cameras, phones and wallets on a table or hook your purse or back pack to the back of chairs when dining.
  7. Don’t leave valuables out in your hotel room- Everyone can do this and I’m equally as guilty by not locking up jewelry or electronics when leaving the room.  If your hotel room has a safe, use it.  If not, put your valuables inside your carry on and then lock it inside your suitcase.
  8. When leaving your hotel, make sure you have all of your stuff with you– check the safe, check the nightstands and all of the drawers.  Some of the tips we’ve given out previously was to put one shoe in the safe with your valuables and leave the other one out so you know to empty the safe.
  9. Make copies of your documents– We always recommend that you scan your travel documents and passports and email them to yourself or load them  into a dropbox folder that you can access while you are traveling, just in case you lose something.
  10. Purchase travel insurance-– We never know when something unexpected can happen so for a relatively small fee, travel insurance can help out when you least expect it.

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