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4 Great Reasons to use a Backpack as your carry on

The airlines are making it harder to travel without paying extra fees.  If you noticed, many are downsizing the allowed size of your carry on.  They used to be 24″ x 17″ x 10″ and we had a great wheeled carry on that we used all the time.  Then the airlines started to reduce […]

Tips to save money while in Europe

There’s no way around it.  Vacationing in Europe is never going to be an inexpensive trip.   Between the airfare getting over there, the cost of accommodations (unless you are staying in hotels), transportation between cities and food, a European vacation or honeymoon can blow many budgets.

When My Vacation Lady books a European vacation or honeymoon package […]

10 uses for a ziplock bag on your vacation

Whoever invented the ziplock bag probably didn’t realize the uses for travel but boy do those little bags come in handy!  With the different sizes, there are lots of vacation oriented uses.  Here are just some:
1. Holding Wet Clothes
Of course, this is likely the most popular.  Heading home on your last day and your […]

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How your family members might effect your vacation plans

Planning and booking your vacation or honeymoon is exciting!  We never want  to bring up a “what if” situation but My Vacation Lady wants to make sure all of our clients are protected against unavoidable illness or circumstances.

We have had a few occasions to use travel insurance personally when Mr. My Vacation Lady got sick during […]

Will you need a passport to fly within the United States?

It has always been that you need a passport to travel internationally but effective Jan 22, 2018, passengers from specific states may be required to present a passport to pass through TSA airport security.

This is regarding the REAL ID act  that has actually been around since 2005 and kept getting postponed later and later.  Well […]

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Pre- Vacation Check List

With all the planning that it takes to put together a great vacation or honeymoon, My Vacation Lady likes to offer a few pre-vacation or pre-honeymoon planning tips that you might not think about.
Pre Vacation Check List
3 Months Before

Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months past your return date.  If it isn’t […]

How to make your suitcase easier to find at the luggage carousel

How many times have you gotten to the baggage carousel and 90% of the suitcases are all black and they all look alike?  How do you make yours stand out so that you can actually find them?

It actually just happened to us when we were coming home from Denver a few weeks ago but […]

Are you going to need an electric adapter for your next vacation?

Our clients are heading all over the world this year and many are heading to Europe.  Just the other day, My Vacation Lady got an email from clients about whether they were going to need electric adapters when packing for their vacations or honeymoons.   It’s always best to be prepared so here are some […]

How do you pack for your vacation?

Are you an over packer?  I know that I certainly am.  I am a self professed Queen of overpacking and unfortunately, I taught my daughter the same thing.  We’ll typically come home with 1/2 of a suitcase filled with clean clothes because we always take too much.  I like choices and when it really comes down […]

New Electronics Rules for all U.S. passengers

Last week, My Vacation Lady received an email from one of our ground services providers operating in the Caribbean and Mexico.

This was their message to us:
To all our clients, we just received this from one of our ground team management companies that handle the Caribbean and Mexico; We would like to inform you and […]

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