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Black Friday Shopping Advice

Rather than getting up at 3am to be the first on line for those Black Friday Shopping deals, My Vacation Lady is going to give you the best piece of advice that we can: COLLECT MEMORIES-NOT THINGS!   Your kids will remember snorkeling in Mexico long after the vacation but not necessarily the [...]

Bermuda from West to East

My Vacation Lady loves Bermuda.  Beautiful beaches and just 2 hours from NYC and Zika free.  We've been sending lots of clients to Bermuda recently and not all of our clients want to spend all of their time on the beach so here are some tidbits about Bermuda that you might not have known. [...]

How do you pack for your vacation?

Are you an over packer?  I know that I certainly am.  I am a self professed Queen of overpacking and unfortunately, I taught my daughter the same thing.  We'll typically come home with 1/2 of a suitcase filled with clean clothes because we always take too much.  I like choices and when it really comes down to [...]

Napa as a family friendly destination?

Napa Valley is known for their wineries and not necessarily for their family friendly activities but it actually has quite a few activities that will keep the kids entertained as well. What are some family friendly activities in Napa Valley? Napa Valley Wine Train- This 36-mile route from Napa to the quaint town of St. Helena (and [...]

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You got off the plane- now how do you get to your hotel?

When My Vacation Lady customizes our client's vacation or honeymoon packages, we want them to be seamless and stress free so one of the things we like to include are airport transfers. So what exactly are airport transfers? Let me explain.  When you get off the plane in your vacation or honeymoon destination, airport transfers [...]

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So you’re looking for a vacation deal…

My Vacation Lady has been in the business of planning our clients' dream honeymoons and vacations since 1994, yet we still cringe when a client calls or emails "looking for a deal".  How appropriate is it to talk about Deals on Black Friday- the biggest shopping day of the year? What is a "deal?" Sometimes we'll [...]

Internet vs travel adviser?

Everyone knows that online shopping is very popular these days and you can purchase just about everything.  So why in the world should you use a travel professional to book your vacation or honeymoon? So let's look at some actual scenarios from travelers who have bought their vacations on line.  You found a fabulous price for [...]

Planning a happier vacation

How can you have a happier vacation? No, we're not talking about a vacation to the happiest place on earth but rather to come back from your vacation happy. My Vacation Lady can certainly agree that life can be stressful and one of our favorite things to say after a particularly stressful or long work [...]

Top 10 tips for being comfortable flying

With the peak holiday season upon us and lots of winter vacations coming up, My Vacation Lady  always tries to keep our clients up to date on the best travel tips. When we saw this article posted on the SmarterTravel, entitled Pro Tips for Flying in Comfort, our first thought was--- upgrade to first class.  That [...]

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