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Tips on planning an affordable winter vacation

When it's cold and snowy in their home town, many of My Vacation Lady's clients want to escape to somewhere warm and sunny. The problem is----- so does everyone else and that's why the winter months are the most expensive time to travel to the Caribbean or Mexico. There are some ways to get away [...]

Another reason Travel Agents can help

This week, My Vacation Lady sent out a reminder to clients about their upcoming final payment for their vacation to Italy. Grand Canal Venice                           In this case, Anthony and Diana were going to be visiting family in a town about [...]

How to pack a for a cruise

A cruise can be a great way to vacation.  Mr and Mrs My Vacation Lady really enjoy cruising.  It's relaxing.  It allows you to visit multiple destinations and only having to unpack and pack once, which is so convenient but there are some special things to take into consideration when packing for a cruise. [...]

So you’re looking for a vacation deal…

My Vacation Lady has been in the business of planning our clients' dream honeymoons and vacations since 1994, yet we still cringe when a client calls or emails "looking for a deal".  How appropriate is it to talk about Deals on Black Friday- the biggest shopping day of the year? What is a "deal?" Sometimes we'll [...]

Internet vs travel adviser?

Everyone knows that online shopping is very popular these days and you can purchase just about everything.  So why in the world should you use a travel professional to book your vacation or honeymoon? So let's look at some actual scenarios from travelers who have bought their vacations on line.  You found a fabulous price for [...]

New Yorkers- get your passports now

Starting in 2106, the standard drivers licenses issued in New York, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Minnesota and American Samoa will be considered non compliant and will not be considered valid ID to get on a domestic flight within the USA. This isn't something new--- the Real ID Act was enacted back in 2005 but wasn't put into [...]

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Some Tips on Packing for your Vacation

Just recently, one of My Vacation Lady's new clients called about packing advice.  They were taking their first European vacation and it was a 15 night escorted tour through Europe.  Since it was going to be in October, the weather could really vary- so maybe between 50 and 75 degrees? What packing advice did we give [...]

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The scoop on Global Entry

My Vacation Lady got to use our Global Entry (or the Trusted Traveler Program) for the first time returning from a recent vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at Newark Airport. So let me give you the rundown on it and whether or not it will be worthwhile for you. It costs $100 and is valid for [...]

Top Reasons to Use a Travel Professional

Here's a blast from the past-- My Vacation Lady posted this blog back in the spring of 2007 -- 8 years ago.  People were starting to shop online and book their travel online and we named 10 reasons why you should use a travel professional: Top 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent This was taken and [...]

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Are all inclusive resorts right for you?

It seems that All Inclusive resorts are getting more and more popular among travelers these days but is it the right vacation for you? Let's look at the pro's of an all inclusive resort: 1.  Budgeting- when booking an all inclusive resort, you'll know your costs up front.  You don't have to figure in what [...]

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