Where are you going for your next vacation?

When you think about your next vacation, what does it look like?  What does it feel like?  What does it taste like?  What does it smell like?  These are not normally the questions a travel advisor would ask you when planning your next vacation but, trust us, all of your senses are involved while you [...]

Cruising to Alaska? 5 things to do in Ketchikan

Alaska is a dream cruise for many of My Vacation Lady's clients.  We just had clients celebrating a milestone birthday aboard the Celebrity Millennium with their 2 adult children and spouses.  We recently booked a honeymoon couple on their dream honeymoon to Alaska for Aug 2019.   Ken and his wife are also considering taking their [...]

What cruise ships have we visited recently?

In the last month or so, the team at My Vacation Lady has been lucky enough to visit 3 cruise ships that were in the NYC area and experience 2 more on 1-2 night travel agent exclusive stays.  One  of our team members came in from West Virginia to visit these ships. Why do we [...]

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How to pack a for a cruise

A cruise can be a great way to vacation.  Mr and Mrs My Vacation Lady really enjoy cruising.  It's relaxing.  It allows you to visit multiple destinations and only having to unpack and pack once, which is so convenient but there are some special things to take into consideration when packing for a cruise. [...]

5 Myths About Travel Insurance

Do you really need travel insurance?   Why spend money on something you'll likely never use? You might want to think of travel insurance the same way you think of all the other insurances you have- car, home, life.  While you hope you never need it, you're glad you have it when you need it. [...]

10 reasons you should say yes to travel insurance

Winter is upon us and much of the Midwest has already had some snow.  Regardless of the season, weather is always a reason for travel delays and cancellations so we dug up an old blog post about why you should add travel insurance to your vacation reservation. There are actually hundreds of reasons where you might need [...]

Just a couple of true stories about why using a travel professional makes sense

OK, we'll be honest.  If you just want to book a flight to Miami or a few nights in a motel on the Jersey Shore, you may not need a Travel Professional to help you but there are many times, even for smaller vacations that a Travel Professional, like My Vacation Lady, can help out [...]

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Another reason to have a passport for a cruise!

It was lousy weather in the New York area again this weekend, many flights were delayed - if not totally cancelled.  Flights were cancelled on Saturday, Feb 21 and JFK was completely closed until 10am because of icing so no flights were getting in or out before that on Sunday Feb 22.  My Vacation Lady [...]

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The scoop on the Cruise Line’s Private Islands

Lots of My Vacation Lady's clients enjoy cruises--- as do we.  Once of the most relaxing ports of call are when the cruise ship is stopping at their private islands in the Bahamas.  As we tell our clients, bring your sunscreen, a beach towel and just get off the ship at your leisure and enjoy [...]

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