How to travel like a kid- with your kids

Do you remember vacations when you were a kid?  I do— mostly driving in the back seat of the car to hotels in the Catskill mountains.  Those hotels were like what an all inclusive family friendly resort is to my families traveling today– but we didn’t need passports and never left the state of […]

Tips for planning a multi-generational vacation

My Vacation Lady is receiving more and more requests for vacations including grandparents, parents and kids.  Sometimes it’s for a special celebration–

A special birthday like Grandma’s 70th birthday
A special anniversary- 40th, 45th, 50th
A graduation
A retirement
Recovery from a life threatening illness
or just because the families live so far apart.

With age ranges ranging from infants to […]

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Some top family friendly US vacation spots and attractions

Guess what?  It’s time to think about your spring break and  summer vacations.  Yes, really.  We, at My Vacation Lady, know that you just got over Christmas and New Years but if you haven’t already planned your family’s spring break and summer vacation, this is a good time to start.

According to a survey of […]

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Where are you going for your next vacation?

When you think about your next vacation, what does it look like?  What does it feel like?  What does it taste like?  What does it smell like?  These are not normally the questions a travel advisor would ask you when planning your next vacation but, trust me, all of your senses are involved while […]

Some fun things that you may not know about Disney World

My Vacation Lady has a Disney Specialist on our team because there is just so much to know about how to plan a great Disney World Vacation.











When we came across this blog post written by Meghan Brennan and posted by one of our travel suppliers , we thought it would be fun to share it. […]

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Planning tips for your first Disney World Vacation

Planning your first vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando can be completely overwhelming.  It is so much more than just booking a flight.  That is why My Vacation Lady has brought a Disney Vacation Planning Specialist to our team to help our clients plan their Disney World Vacations.

What should you consider before booking […]

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Family Friendly Spring Break Vacations

It’s November.  Why in the world is My Vacation Lady talking about spring break vacations?  That’s easy—-now is the time to book them.  Actually, if you are looking to fly to the Caribbean or Mexico, you are already late and the price of airfare is likely outrageously high.
So let’s look at a calendar:
Easter and […]

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Multi-generational family vacations

On our last day in Kauai, my husband and I sat on a lounge chair overlooking the Pacific Ocean and talked about how much we enjoyed our vacation to 3 islands in Hawaii.  While we have said for years that we would love to live in Hawaii, we are realistic.  Our children are in […]

Age appropriate “Take on the Plane” Travel Bags for Kids and Teens

Kids always love going on vacation but they have to be entertained during the flight, car ride or in the hotel room when you’re back for the evening.  When we took long car trips with our kids (like driving from NJ to DisneyWorld one year– the first and last time we did that), we […]