multi generational family trips

Tips for planning a multi-generational vacation

My Vacation Lady is receiving more and more requests for vacations for 3 and sometimes 4 generations of families.  Sometimes it's for a special celebration-- A special birthday A special anniversary A graduation A retirement Recovery from a life threatening illness or just because the families live so far apart. With age ranges ranging from [...]

Family vacation memories

My Vacation Lady gets a few of these types of calls a year---we're celebrating our 40th, 45th, 50th wedding anniversary and want to take the entire family on a vacation.  OR, grandma is turning 70 and they want to celebrate by taking the entire family on a vacation that they will all remember, instead of [...]

Planning a vacation for the entire family

My Vacation Lady has been receiving more requests for multi-generational vacations recently.  Most are for special celebrations- milestone birthdays, major anniversaries, retirements, graduations or sometimes just because. River Safari at Manuel Antonio Our most recent multi-generational vacation groups were to celebrate a big anniversary, like Sue and Artie's 45th  wedding anniversary, Loretta's 70th birthday, [...]

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Are you a baby boomer planning on traveling this year?

Do you fit the definition of a baby boomer?   Were you born between 1946-1964?  If you were, then you are a baby boomer.  Many boomers are getting close to, if not already reached, retirement age so more they'll have more free time. AARP asked a poll of why boomers who plan on traveling in 2015 [...]

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