My Vacation Lady gets a few of these types of calls a year—we’re celebrating our 40th, 45th, 50th wedding anniversary and want to take the entire family on a vacation.  OR, grandma is turning 70 and they want to celebrate by taking the entire family on a vacation that they will all remember, instead of making a party.  OR, the wife or husband is turning 60 or 65 and they want to do something special with the kids and grandkids while they are still healthy and young enough to all enjoy it.

Do you have a special occasion like this coming up soon?

Of course, not everyone is in the position to be able to afford taking the entire family on a vacation like this but we have been able to put together a good variety of vacations for family groups that will create memories for a lifetime.

We are working on Grandma’s 85th birthday celebration right now at an all inclusive resort in Mexico right now for next June.  The age range will be infants on up to grandma’s siwaiting for the ziplinesters who are in their 80’s.

A while back, we had a family get back from Costa Rica to celebrate a special wedding anniversary.  The family consisted of grandma and grandpa (celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary), their son, his wife and 2 grandchildren (ages 9 and 11) and their son and his girlfriend, so 8 of them total.  They spent 6 nites in Costa Rica- 3 in Arenal and then 3 in Manuel Antonio and they all had a blast.  We included a good number of activities for them all to participate in and as Grandma wrote in an email to My Vacation Lady,

The Sky Trek was the highlight of the trip for everyone. We all did it, even 9 yo Jacob with a “taxi” (a guide that goes right behind him and held his arm).

This family loved adventures but for those less adventurous, we’ve sent family groups on cruises or to all inclusive resorts.

So many of our clients are celebrating special occasions that they want to commemorate and while a party will last 1 day, a vacation lasts a lot longer and can be very special for everyone.  When our clients say that they want to see their children and grandchildren enjoy themselves on a vacation, we work with them to figure out what all of them would enjoy and we’ll create a vacation experience that will be enjoyed by all.

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