It’s only November.  Why in the world is My Vacation Lady talking about spring break vacations?   That’s easy—-now is the time to book them.  

So let’s look at a calendar:

Good Friday is April 15, 2022.

Easter Sunday is April 17, 2022

Have you checked your school calendar yet?   Based on when your schools are closed, the flights will be priced higher JUST BECAUSE schools are closed.

So you want to take a vacation during Spring Break but don’t want to break the bank.  Where can you go?

These are some family friendly places to visit:

  1. Washington DC– the weather is warming up and the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom!  With tons of places to see and do and explore- and many are free!  Just check on holiday closings before you head out for your outing.  Here are some great family friendly places to go in the nation’s capital.
  2. San Antonio Texas– the Texas bluebonnets are in bloom but there is lots more to do that checking out some flowers.  Between the theme parks that are a short drive from town to the zoo to the Rivercenter, San Antonio can be a fun place to be for the family.  Click here for more info
  3. New Orleans– there’s always a festival going on or check out the zoo, aquarium, take an airboat ride, jump on a streetcar and more.  See more family friendly things to do HERE
  4. The Florida Keys– while this is still going to be crowded during spring break, you can fly into Miami or Fort Lauderdale to snag some lower priced flights and rent a car to drive to the Keys.  Take a conch train tour, pet a shark, swim with dolphins, have fun with watersports and more.  Click here.
  5. Bermuda-Just 2 hours from New York and most east coast airports, this is just a bit before the peak Bermuda season starts.  While not necessarily beach weather, it is great weather for exploring the beautiful island and playing tennis or golf.  Explore the caves, check out the forts, walk along the railway trail.  There is so much to do in Bermuda that you might not miss the beach too much. 

If you want a family friendly all inclusive resort, a cruise, a vacation to Hawaii, Europe, the Caribbean or Mexico, My Vacation Lady can certainly help you plan those spring break vacations but please don’t wait any longer to book them.  We hate disappointing clients who have a set budget and the airfare alone exceeds that budget.