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Disney World Travel Planning Tips

My Vacation Lady has helped many clients plan their vacations to Walt Disney World over the years.  Recently, it's become so much more complicated that we have several dedicated Disney Vacation Specialist to help our Disney clients. When planning ahead for your Walt Disney vacation, don't be ruled by when Disney releases promotions.   This is how [...]

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Walt Disney World Hacks

Booking a Walt Disney World vacation is easy.  Planning what you're going to see and do and experience while you are there may be another story and that's where the Disney Specialists of My Vacation Lady can help Here are some WDW need to know tips from My Vacation Lady's Disney Specialists: Prices are now [...]

What you MUST bring with you for a Disney World Vacation

Peak vacation season is upon us and the Disney Specialists at My Vacation Lady are busy preparing their clients for seamless and stress free Disney World Vacations. Cinderella's Castle Here is a list of some of the things you definitely need to have in your back pack or day bag: Refillable water bottles- [...]

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Universal Studios Orlando- Tween Heaven

Universal Orlando: Our New Vacation Spot I like to consider my family a Disney Family.  We’ve been to Disney World more times in the last ten years than I can count on two hands.  We’ve ridden every ride, eaten at just about every restaurant, and, yes, worn those matching family t-shirts you probably cringe at [...]

5 tips for surviving Disney World during Christmas week!

Sometimes we just have to laugh.  The travel professionals at My Vacation Lady often get phone calls for a last minute vacation during Christmas week or a deal on a Christmas week vacation.  When we explain that it's the most expensive and busiest time to travel, they're shocked.  Why would anyone want to travel during Christmas? [...]

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