Peak vacation season is upon us and the Disney Specialists at My Vacation Lady are busy preparing their clients for seamless and stress free Disney World Vacations.

Cinderella’s Castle

Here is a list of some of the things you definitely need to have in your back pack or day bag:

  • Refillable water bottles– there are water fountains everywhere and restaurants will give you cold tap water free of charge.  Keep your water bottles full since it gets HOT in Orlando in the summer and you don’t want to get dehydrated.
  • Portable phone chargers– with all the pictures you’ll be taking and referring to the Disney App all day long, your phone battery is going to need recharging.  Bring a couple of portable chargers with you.
  • Rain ponchos– pick up a bunch at the dollar store before heading down to Disney.  For the price of 1 rain poncho in Disney World, you can get a dozen in the dollar store back home.  Florida rain is unpredictable and you can get short bouts of rain before the sun comes out again.  A rain poncho is lightweight and disposable if it gets soaked.
  • Pack snacks and drinks– Even if you’ve purchased a meal plan, you might want to supplement with less salty and sugary snacks.  Forget chocolate- it will melt but granola bars, trail mix, nuts and fruit are easy to bring with you. You might even see guests bringing coolers into the park.  It’s not something that the park advertises but you can bring in food and drinks.  This will save a ton of money and help stop the kid’s meltdowns while they’re standing in line.
  • Sun block or sun screen– even if you typically don’t burn, you don’t want to ruin your vacation with a sunburn.  Apply sunblock frequently.
  • Hand Sanitizer or wet- wipes–  After you’ve just lathered up with sunscreen, you’ll want to be able to get that greasy feeling off your hands.  Wet wipes can help.   Hand sanitizer should be a no brainer.  They are readily available in travel sized bottles
  • First aid stuff- while you don’t need an entire first aid kit, throw in bandaids, lip balm and some tylenol or aspirin just in case.
  • A hat– this really should be on your head as soon as you leave the hotel.
  • This is one of my all time must brings—- a wash cloth in a plastic ziplock bag.  You can bring one from home or borrow one from the hotel.  When you are feeling overly hot, wet the wash cloth with cold water and put it on your neck!

Planning a theme park vacation is so much more involved than planning an all inclusive beach vacation so don’t stress.  The Disney Specialists at My Vacation Lady can help you figure out magic bands, magical express, fast pass, dining and more!