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Do you use all the vacation time you earn?

It's already November 9.  Have you used up all of your vacation days?  The majority of US employees don't take all of the vacation time that they are entitled to.  With technology blurring the lines between work and home, even when some of us are on vacation, we may not be completely on vacation, but rather [...]

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How to make your suitcase easier to find at the luggage carousel

How many times have you gotten to the baggage carousel and 90% of the suitcases are all black and they all look alike?  How do you make yours stand out so that you can actually find them? It actually just happened to us when we were coming home from Denver a few weeks ago but [...]

Travel Tips- before your vacation

Now that your vacation or honeymoon is booked, My Vacation Lady suggests taking care of a few things before you leave to have a smoother vacation. Check your passport - If your passport will expire within six months of your ticketed date of return, get it renewed now.  You may be denied boarding your flight or denied entrance [...]

Honeymoon Planning 101 Step 6

This is the last of My Vacation Lady's Honeymoon Planning Boot Camp. Step 6- Getting Started Planning Your Honeymoon- who to hire? How do you choose a honeymoon specialist to help plan your dream honeymoon? We, at My Vacation Lady, understand that you have many options when it comes to planning and booking your honeymoon but [...]

Working with a travel consultant

My Vacation Lady is on a cleaning spree.  We're cleaning up our offices and we've been reviewing old blog posts to see what might still be relevant.  This is a blog post from 2011 but believe me, it is still very relevant. A colleague of mine was doing a presentation for her business group and [...]

Not an April Fools Joke- we can’t make these up….

Along with most travel professionals, My Vacation Lady gets some strange travel related questions and requests from people.  Some are just so funny, that they stick out in our minds. Thanks to my colleagues for sharing some of their funniest stories:  Some years ago, a large group of hearing impaired clients were flying to Hawaii. [...]

How buying a new mattress is like planning a vacation…

El Dorado Casitas Infinity Pool Casita Most people don’t buy mattresses on a yearly basis.  Our last mattress purchase was about 9 years ago.  Our son had just moved into an apartment and got a new bed.  He said it was so wonderful that after trying it out for 5 minutes, we went [...]

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10 tips on keeping your home safe while you’re on vacation

So, you're taking a vacation.  How do you keep your home safe while you're away? Ask close neighbors to keep an eye on your house while you're away.  We do this all the time with our next door neighbors and another down the block. Stop your newspaper delivery and mail or ask someone to pick [...]

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Tips for having a Kid Free Honeymoon

You love children.  You might have your own or work with them every day but when you are on your honeymoon, do you want to be surrounded by kids? Sunset view from our room at the Fairmont Orchid If hearing Marco Polo being yelled from every corner of the swimming pool or if [...]

Black Friday Shopping Around the World

Happy Black Friday! While many Americans are waiting in lines for stores to open for the Black Friday Sales to start, your local Walmart or Best Buy isn't the only place for some fabulous shopping. According to a CNN article, the top dozen cities around the world for shopping are: New York Tokyo London Kuala [...]

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