It’s super easy to check out what other people are saying about a resort or destination that you are thinking about traveling to but should you trust every one of them?

Based on some of the destination or hotel groups that My Vacation Lady belongs to on Facebook and Instagram, we see the good, the bad and the ugly.  While not knocking travel review sites, you just need to be sure that you are getting the best information from the total strangers that are reviewing the hotel or destination.

Last month, a number of our team members and colleagues traveled to destinations around the world and updated us on the hotels, food, experiences, quality of service and more.  Guess what, we use those reviews a lot more than the ones we read on social media and review sites because travel advisors look for different things than the general public.

  • If a travel advisor from New York City says that the pricing of food at a certain hotel or destination is expensive, we know that we are looking at $150-200+ per person dinners.
  • If a well travelled travel advisor loved a particular hotel for x,y,z reasons, we listen to see which of our clients match those hotels.
  • When one of our team members say not to book a certain hotel because of a,b and c- we listen and put that hotel on our do not sell list.

Here are some tips of how to make the most of the online reviews


  1. Avoid the reviews that are overly negative or overly positive.
  2. Look for reviewers from your area
  3. Look for specifics in the review
  4. Give more credence to a reviewer who is more like you
  5. Consider what the reviewer booked and what his expectations were


 My Vacation Lady knows that you are going to consider the reviews but realize that unless you know who the reviewer is and what their expectations were, we suggest relying on our personal and client feedback and our expertise more than just reading reviews from people you don’t know, especially if there are mixed reviews.

My Vacation Lady uses the personal approach to vacation and honeymoon planning along with our years of experience and worldwide contacts to help match you to the right resorts.


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