Alaska is a dream cruise for many of My Vacation Lady’s clients and one of the easiest ways to go is by cruise ship.

Cruising in Alaska isn’t all about the cruise but rather the sights and views and towns you’ll visit.

According to Cruise Radio News, these are some things to see and do in Ketchikan:



Ketchikan is the salmon capital of the world and offers a lot of sightseeing opportunities from flight-seeing to crab feasting – and everything in between.

Here are a five things to consider for a port stop in Ketchikan:

1. Mystic Fjords flight seeing. Taking a 90-minute flight into Mystic Fjords that date back thousands of years ago when the whole land was covered in ice. These fjords tower over 3,000’ in the air and provide an insight on glacial activity, wildlife, cascading waterfalls and some flights even offer an opportunity to drink fresh mountainside water.

2.Potlatch Totem Park. Walk the grounds of the Tlingit natives of Southeast Alaska. The park is located 10-miles north of Ketchikan. This recreated village brings you on a trip back to the 19th century with five tribal homes, totem poles and vintage.

3.Walking Tour. Start at the visitor’s center, just by the big “Welcome to Ketchikan” sign and take this two-mile walking tour that allows you to experience the waterfront of Ketchikan, historic Creek Street, stores, quaint neighborhoods and an area to overlook the port. You can grab a walking tour map at numerous locations around the pier.

4.George Inlet Lodge Crab Feast. Test your skills as a commercial crabber where you gear up and head to the wide-open waters of southeast Alaska looking for the Dungeness crab. Be hands on pulling the crab pots before coming back to the lodge to feast on your catch.

5.Zip line in the rain forest. If you’re feeling some excitement in your life you may want to zip line in Ketchikan’s rain forest. Swing between trees, experience stunning views. Eight ropes and seven zip lines will ensure an experience for any age.

As you can see, the things to do in Ketchikan are plentiful. Even if you don’t want to soar in a plane or fill up on crab, there’s something to do for everyone.

Too see what other excursions might be available in Alaska, CLICK HERE.  There is so much to see and do in Alaska, you might have a hard time deciding what to do.

My Vacation Lady also provides our clients with lengthy ports of call destination guides of what you can see and do in Alaska on your own and offers suggestions on the top excursions to take.

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