This week, My Vacation Lady sent out a reminder to clients about their upcoming final payment for their vacation to Italy.

Grand Canal Venice














In this case, Anthony and Diana were going to be visiting family in a town about 1 hour south of Naples for a few days before starting the package that we arranged in the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Venice and Rome.  We like to provide a complete and stress free vacation or honeymoon package for our clients including activities, flights (or flight recommendations), transfers and more.    In this case, Anthony and Diana declined our suggestions of pre-booking activities and flights for them and they took the “stripped down” version of the itinerary that we customized for them.  They were going to use credit card points for the flights and wing it for the activities.  Their vacation is now about 2 months away in July.

Shortly after we sent their final payment reminder, we received an email from Anthony.  The family portion of their July vacation was now out and they needed to add in a couple more nights to their Sorrento hotel.  He also wanted to know if we saw any bargains for flights into Naples and out of Rome.  We recommended some flights to Anthony and he came back with another “cheaper” option.

Although he is starting his vacation in Naples (gateway to the Amalfi Coast) and ending in Rome, he was looking at a flight that was round trip Naples.  The return flight stopped off in Rome and he figured that he could just get on the flight in Rome.  When we told him that if he didn’t get on in Naples, the airline would automatically cancel his 2nd leg from Rome to NYC.  WOW, he didn’t realize that!  Could you imagine the phone call we would get from Anthony and Diana from the Rome airport asking for our help in  getting them home?

While there are tons of websites to book flights and hotels, these websites don’t provide the knowledge and guidance that professional travel consultants, like the team at My Vacation Lady, can provide.  When you are planning your dream honeymoon or vacation, we can help you plan the logistics and activities that will make your honeymoon or vacation stress free.  Contact us to help you get the most out of your vacation!