#YOLO vacations

Places to visit at least once in your lifetime

Many of My Vacation Lady's clients have a vacation wish list or a bucket list of places that they may only dream about.  But guess what, you never know when an opportunity may come up that will allow you to visit some of these places that you've been dreaming about. So which destinations have you been [...]

Did you know this about New Zealand?

New Zealand is blessed with some of the most beautiful and widely varied terrain in the world.  You can go from beaches, to mountains, to glaciers and fjords and back to meadows and rain forests--- all in one country about the size of the state of Colorado.  It's smaller than Japan but larger then Great [...]

Take this where have you traveled challenge

OK, I admit it.  According to this list, as a vacation and honeymoon specialist, I should be embarrassed.  Yes, I made the top 1/3 of test takers but I'm still deeply embarrassed by how poorly I did on this challenge.   While I was able to check off Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, the Louvre, Bora [...]

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In time for Mother’s Day— Mother-Daughter vacations

When you are young, I don't think you really appreciate your mothers as much as you do when you are older and understand what they have gone through raising you- their daughters.  So now that you are older (and reading My Vacation Lady's blogs) if you could take a mother-daughter vacation, where would you go? [...]

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Why you should take a vacation?

Americans work too hard.  Almost 1/2 of Americans don't use up all the time off they get.  Here are some reasons about why you should take a vacation. These were posted in previous blog posts: 1. On a scale of 1 to 5, travelers rate their overall health 1 full point higher while on vacation. 2. [...]

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