St Lucia vacation

Luxurious hotel rooms in St Lucia

Luxury means something different to every client and at My Vacation Lady, the goal is to make your vacation or honeymoon as luxurious as possible. So whether that means a room with an ocean view or a room with a private jacuzzi or one with a private pool or a room with your own butler, [...]

Dining in St Lucia

Saint Lucia's cuisine can be summed up as Creole, fresh and variety. Before the all inclusive resorts came to Saint Lucia, the cuisine was an eclectic combination of Amerindian, French Creole, British, Asian and Caribbean flavors.  Now it's even a bit more international.  Saint Lucia's food is an incredible mix of styles ranging from grilled [...]

St Lucia- is this the vacation or honeymoon spot for you?

When we speak to our clients about destinations for their vacations or honeymoons, St Lucia is one Caribbean island that has a lot of appeal for many of them. St Lucia St Lucia has a combination of lush mountains, a steaming sulphur volcano, 19,000 acres of rain forest,  black- and white-sand beaches, rare colorful [...]

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