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What’s on your travel bucket list?

2023 was probably the busiest year  that  My Vacation Lady has seen in our 30 years in the travel business.   People are making up for the past 2 years of not really traveling much so they have added a lot of places that they want to travel to. So which destinations have you been dreaming about?   [...]

Did you know this about New Zealand?

New Zealand is blessed with some of the most beautiful and widely varied terrain in the world.  You can go from beaches, to mountains, to glaciers and fjords and back to meadows and rain forests--- all in one country about the size of the state of Colorado.  It's smaller than Japan but larger then Great [...]

Misconceptions about Traveling to Japan

As I type, Beth and Andre on enjoying their honeymoon to Japan and Vietnam. Japan seems a exotic to lots of travelers and some are hesitant to go because of some misconceptions that they have heard about it so let us try to clear up some of the common misconceptions You must speak Japanese-  In [...]

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Once in a life time honeymoons

The Team at My Vacation Lady has been getting requests for honeymoons that are beyond your normal vacation.  We're not just talking about over the water bungalows in Bora Bora honeymoons but rather those that are much more complex and exotic. My Vacation Lady  has worked with honeymoon couples that were looking for out of [...]

Great honeymoon Destination- The Cook Islands

My Vacation Lady has lots of honeymoon couples who are looking for an exotic, unique and some place different honeymoon destination.   They are hoping to go somewhere that they won't likely go back to again (or at least for a long time). One place that we have mentioned to some of our honeymooners has been the [...]

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