The team at My Vacation Lady works very hard to create seamless and stress free vacation and honeymoon packages for our clients using trusted travel suppliers who are available to assist with questions and emergency support.

But sometimes, stuff happens.

This is a story of a lovely couple celebrating a milestone birthday.  MaryAnne was turning 70 and it was her dream to go to Italy.  We planned a 17 day journey for Mary Anne and her gentleman friend, Bill, to Florence, Siena, Rome and Sorrento with wonderful hotels, 4 cooking classes, lots of fun activities and excursions, private transfers and business class air to and from Italy.

To make a very long story short, MaryAnne left a bag in the back of her ride share transfer to the Philadelphia airport.  The bag contained her passport and cell phone.  While she could have made do without her cell phone, she wasn’t getting anywhere without her passports.  Calls to the ride share company, her phone, and the ride share driver went unanswered until after their flight departed.

In the end, her bag was returned intact but, we had no choice but to try to reschedule their flight.  We had to work fast because if they were classified as a No Show, the airline would have cancelled their return ticket.  The airline’s employees located at the airport were being extremely unhelpful and claimed that they couldn’t do anything to “protect” their seats at the same price the next day because the flights were booked through a 3rd party (our trusted travel supplier).  Exceptions are always possible to do but these airline employees weren’t budging on this.  It was already after the flight departure time and they just left the counter.

During the entire day, we (My Vacation Lady) were on the phone with the clients and our trusted travel supplier but our hands were tied without knowing if MaryAnne was going to get her passport back in time to fly out the next day.

Our trusted travel supplier was able to hold 2 tickets for the same flight (1 day later) but it was going to involve a significant outlay of money to re-issue the tickets.  Our trusted travel supplier needed to get to his airline contacts to negotiate waivers and penalties.

After a lot of texts and phone calls, we were able to get the tickets re-issued and we worked out some of the financial adjustments afterward.

The end result- they arrived and are already starting to have a fabulous time

MaryAnne emailed us the morning of the arrival:

Thank you so much for the wonderful and very thoughtful welcome gifts.  You are truly amazing!  
We are calling today the first day of our vacation .  Yesterday was such a disaster.
Flights went well.  Luggage was there. Driver was waiting (molto handsome… lol ).
I can’t begin to describe the view from our window….. the piazza and the cathedral.
Service has been “ perfecto”!!!!
Dinner tonight at a restaurant suggested by the driver ….. walking distance from our hotel.

Thanks, again.
MaryAnne and Bill

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