Bermuda from West to East

My Vacation Lady loves Bermuda.  Beautiful beaches and just 2 hours from NYC and Zika free.  We’ve been sending lots of clients to Bermuda recently and not all of our clients want to spend all of their time on the beach so here are some tidbits about Bermuda that you might not have known.

Back […]

What about Bermuda?

My Vacation Lady is based in New Jersey and since we are only 2 hours from Bermuda, many of our clients will overlook it is a great vacation or honeymoon destination.   So with so many great beach destinations, why should you consider Bermuda?


Just 2 hours from NY, NJ Boston, Philadelphia Atlanta and Miami, […]

Almost Free in Bermuda

Bermuda is one of My Vacation Lady’s favorite islands.  It’s close- just 2 hours from the NY city area.  It’s clean and feels safe enough to do lots of excursions or touring on your own.

These money saving things to see and do on your own in Bermuda were taken from the Bermuda Tourism Website:


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