Yes, there really are things to see and do in Bermuda OTHER than the pink sand beaches.  Bermuda is so much more than just a beach vacation.

So, what can you do in Bermuda?

  1.  Explore the Railway Trail– Named for the train route that once circled the island, the Railway Trail is now a great path for bicycling or walking along the 18 miles of spectacular views and natural beauty.  It’s a car free area!
  2. Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve – Hike along 12 acres of this former US and NASA site which is now pristine nature reserve.  Don’t miss the Wildlife Observation Tower where you can enjoy panoramic views and may even spot whales!
  3. Go Under the Sea and snorkel amidst Bermuda’s epic Coral Reefs- chock full of fish, ship wrecks and colorful coral.
  4. Go under ground– to explore Hamilton Parish’s Crystal Caves.  At Crystal Cave- dramatic rock formations will dazzle you from above and below the crystal clear underground lake.  At Fantasy Cave, you’ll be face to face with walls covered in mineral deposits that have formed frozen waterfalls.  This is one of the activities that you will need to take a tour.
  5. Explore forts– With Bermuda’s 400 year long military history, you can explore a number of forts remaining like Fort Hamilton, Fort St. Catherine and for the history buffs, check out pirate and slave artifacts at the National Museum.
  6. Go Whale Watching- Spring time (March and April) are the best times to see humpback whales in pods swimming past Bermuda.
  7. Walsingham Nature Reserve is full of subterranean grottos, mangrove ponds and caves.  You can swim across one of the crystal clear mangrove ponds or in the caves and cliff dive as well.
  8. Play Golf– at one of Bermuda’s 6 world class courses.  With more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world, Bermuda is a golfer’s dream come true.  The first PGA tour ever played in Bermuda will be held from Oct 31-Nov 3 at the Port Royal Golf Course
  9. Birding at Spittal Pond- with it’s 500 or so kinds of migratory birds and waterfowl, this 64 acre nature preserve is great for bird watchers in the winter months.

Bermuda is certainly known for it’s gorgeous beaches but if you want a bit more than just the beach, the travel professionals at My Vacation Lady can help you plan a bit of an adventure as well.  Whether you’re visiting by ship, for a long weekend or a full week, we can help you find something fun to do in Bermuda.