Bermuda honeymoon

What do you know about Bermuda?

Just 2 hours from many East Coast cities, Bermuda is a great vacation destination for golfers, spa enthusiasts, couples, honeymooners and families. So many of My Vacation Lady's clients only think of Bermuda as a cruise port but it's so much more than that.   Others think of Bermuda as being in the Caribbean- but it's [...]

What about Bermuda?

My Vacation Lady is based in New Jersey and since just a short flight from Bermuda, many of our clients will overlook it is a great vacation or honeymoon destination. So with so many great beach destinations, why should you consider Bermuda? Tuckers Point Beach Just 2 hours from NY, NJ Boston, Philadelphia [...]

Great Honeymoon Destination- Bermuda

Bermuda, with its pink sand beaches, beautiful scenery and pastel colored buildings,  is one of the most romantic places on earth which is why it’s such a  popular for both weddings and honeymoons. After the stress of the wedding planning and then the excitement of the wedding itself, you’ll be able to  relax and unwind [...]

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