Traveling with your children or grandchildren is something that My Vacation Lady talks about a lot since we have become grandparents.  In January, we travelled to an all inclusive resort in Mexico with our son’s family and were in awe of how and what our daughter prepared for our 2 and 4 yr old grandsons for the plane.

We also know that flying with little ones can be trying.    How many times have you been on a plane where there are small kids on board and you have hoped (and prayed) that their parents have come prepared?


Here is a list of some items to take with you in your carry on when you are flying with pre-schoolers :

  • Morning flights work best and are more likely to take off on time.
  • Snacks, snacks and more snacks.  Bring more snacks then you think you need.
  • Lollipops are good for take off/landing because the air pressure often bothers kids ears.
  • Bring toys that don’t have little pieces that can be thrown – Mr. Buckle, Magnetic toys, sticker/coloring books.
  • Devices with headphones should be used liberally and without judgement.
  • Let the kids run around the airport before the plane leaves.
  • Start them as soon as possible with their own small backpack that they help pack.
  • A couple of changes of clothing- enough said
  • Plastic zip bags – they can hold anything from snacks to crayons to soiled clothing
  • Their favorite blanket or stuffed animal- these may help them feel more comfortable on a long flight but please remember to take them with you.
  • Wipes– these are a must for wiping down dirty and sticky hands and more.

Also, download some of their favorite shows and movies to your tablet or phone.  These might keep them occupied with out making a mess.

Do you have anymore tips on entertaining young kids on a plane ride?  If you do, send them to us and we’ll publish them in one of our future traveling with kids blogs.

If you think flying with kids may be difficult, planning your family vacation can be just as trying.  The experienced team and My Vacation Lady can help make memories on your next family vacation!