My Vacation Lady hates disappointing clients or potential clients but sometimes there is just nothing that we can do when they call us for very last minute vacations and the airfare or hotels that they want are already sold out.

Here are 5 Reasons to Book Your Vacation Early

1.  Availability— just a few weeks ago, we had to tell a client that we couldn’t help them with a Greek Island vacation that they wanted to take in 4 weeks because there was little if any hotel space and nothing that would fit their needs and budget.   With the airlines limiting the # of seats that can be pre-assigned, if you book early, the chances of getting the seats that you want are much better than booking last minute.

2.  Money— many hotels will have early booking discounts so the earlier you book, the better the price.  Even some of the cruise lines have recently started offering their best deals to those who book early.

3.  Planning your experiences- If you are planning your vacation early, you’ll have more time to figure out what you may want to see, do and experience and you’ll be able to pre-book some activities if you want to.  We just tried to book an excursion for clients going to Alaska in July (2 months out) and found that the time of the excursion that they wanted was already sold out.

4.  Getting things in order with travel documents– There have been plenty of stories that we have heard of travelers making a mad dash to the nearest passport office because they didn’t look at their passports and realized that they had expired or were due to expire OR that they couldn’t find it when they were getting ready to leave.  When you book your vacation early, you’ll need to pull out your passports to book airline tickets.  If your passport is expiring soon, you’ll have plenty of time to renew.

5.  Less Stress– Between working and life in general, many of us are stressed out.  Once your vacation is booked, your stress level can go down.  You’ll have something to look forward to and you can leisurely start planning the details rather than rushing at the last minute.

At My Vacation Lady, our goal is to help you plan a seamless and stress free vacation and booking early is the best way to get what you want at the price that you’ll be comfortable with.  Let us help you plan your next vacation or honeymoon!