My Vacation Lady  is an award winning honeymoon specialist.  We are a bit different than some other travel agents that our clients might have heard about and we are certainly very different from the online agencies that offer no assistance or support with booking a honeymoon.

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So how are we different?

First, we schedule a honeymoon consultation with our honeymoon clients to really get to know them, their likes and their dislikes but also their honeymoon dreams.

Our 2nd step, once the consultation is scheduled, we send our honeymooners our Get to Know You Form.  It looks really long and intimidating but it actually will take about 7 minutes to complete.  It’s a fill in the blanks kind of form.

One potential honeymoon client asked why they have to answer so many questions before the consultation.  I asked if any of them offended her or she felt uncomfortable answering.  NO– it was just going to take such a long time to fill out.

I’m going to be brutally honest here— if taking 7 minutes of your life to fill out a form that will enable My Vacation Lady to get to know a bit more about you and your past travel history, is too long, we are not the right fit.

Every question has a purpose and gives us valuable insight into you as a couple.  So let’s review some of the questions that we ask:

1. Name, address, contact info and dates of birth.  Why do we need your date of birth?  Well for a couple of reasons–

  • to make sure you are old enough for an all inclusive resort or cruise (if those are your options)
  • to make sure that you can rent a car, if that is another option
  • to get to know a bit more about you.

2.  We ask how long you are dating, how long you’ve been engaged, when the wedding is and what is already booked for the wedding.  Why do we ask those questions?

  • If we see that you have been dating for 10 years but have never taken a vacation before– we need to find out why.
  • If you are only engaged for a few weeks or months, we may be too early in the planning process.  You should book the wedding and get the major players (music, officiant, reception hall, etc) booked before you start planning the honeymoon.  For those who are paying for the wedding and honeymoon themselves, we really do need an accurate budget and typically a wedding will cost 25% more than anticipated

3.  We ask your occupations.  It may seem like we are being nosey but it’s not:

  • If we see you are a teacher planning an October wedding, we need to talk about whether or not you can take off during the school year for a honeymoon or if we need to move it to a school break.
  • If our honeymooner is a teacher, for the most part, they don’t want to be around a zillion kids during their honeymoon
  • If we are talking to a nurse or a cop, or 1 of each, it usually means a split work schedule and getting plans in order may take a bit longer since you may be on different schedules.
  • If you work in NYC in finance, it usually means that you work very long hours in a stressful job and we want to take the stress away from the honeymoon planning process.

4.  We’ll ask about the vacations that you have taken together and also, with friends and family.  We want to know what you liked and disliked about each.

5.  We’ll ask what your favorite vacation has been and why.

6.  We’ll ask what destinations you have looked at, what destinations you are thinking about and what interests you for your honeymoon and why.

7.  We’ll ask what type of budget you are thinking about spending for your honeymoon.

8.  We’ll ask if you have worked with a travel professional before and what you expect to gain by working with My Vacation Lady.

We hope you won’t find any of these questions offensive because they are all there for a reason.  After you send in the form to My Vacation Lady, we then spend much more time than 7 minutes reviewing it, highlighting certain things that I need to question or focus on.  I check on some of the resorts where you have vacationed to get a feel of what they are like- especially if you felt strongly (one way or another) about  them. We will check on flights to some of the destinations that you are considering to see what the cost of flights are running.

My Vacation Lady hasn’t gotten to be the top rated honeymoon specialist located in NJ on both Wedding Wire or the Knot by being average.  We won’t just book a trip– we’ll help design your honeymoon experience.

If you want your honeymoon to be special– contact us.  You’ll be glad you did.