My Vacation Lady has lost luggage all over the world.  We went to Greece and our luggage went to Belgium.  We went to Hawaii and our luggage decided to go to San Francisco instead.  We come home from Hawaii and our luggage took a detour to Minneapolis.  Get the gist?

The other night, we received a frantic email from Mike who was heading to Spain for his honeymoon.  They booked their own flights and they checked their luggage when they got to the airport and about an hour or so before their flight, it was cancelled.  Mechanical issues.  That’s when he emailed us in a panic.  What should they do?  I found some other flights that would get them to Madrid the same day but with connections and luckily, they were able to get flights on the partner airlines.  They rushed to the new terminal to check in for the new flight and made it.  They ended up getting to Madrid about 6 hours after their originally scheduled arrival time but they got there.  They were thrilled— except for 1 minor thing— they had no luggage.  They had no clue where their luggage was since they switched airlines.




  1. Pack a complete change of clothes in your carry on.  Even if you only take a back pack as a carry on, take a change of clothes.
  2. Take necessities in your carry on- medication that you may need, contact lenses or glasses, and whatever your can’t live without.
  3. Don’t pack valuables in your checked luggage, like cameras, expensive jewelry, electronic devices, lap tops, etc.
  4. Take a picture of your luggage and the airline luggage tag with your phone for future reference
  5. One of My Vacation Lady’s tried and true tips—- pack 1/2 of your clothes and 1/2 of your traveling companion’s clothes in one suitcase and the same in the 2nd suitcase.  Don’t do a his suitcase and a her’s suitcase.  If one bag gets lost, at least you’ll both have something to wear until the lost suitcase is found.

We’re waiting to hear when Mike and Cathy finally got their luggage.  Luckily, they did take travel insurance which will reimburse them for some of the necessities that they need to purchase until their luggage is found.

My Vacation Lady  is like a boy scout— always prepared 🙂  That’s come from years of experience of lost luggage.

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