When is the best time to depart for your honeymoon?

  • Should you leave the day after the wedding?
  • Should you wait a couple of days?
  • Should you wait a few weeks or a few months?

honeymoon amenity reducedWhen My Vacation Lady has a consultation with our honeymoon couples, we always ask how long their wedding will last, what time it will end and whether they have a brunch or any other festivities scheduled for the next day or so.   About 80% of our honeymooners will start their honeymoon within a couple of days after the wedding but we really try to encourage them not to book a flight for the next morning–especially if their wedding is going to last until midnight or even later.

If you are getting married on Saturday night, we really try to encourage you to wait until Monday morning so that you can recuperate a bit from the wedding and have a bit of time to get organized before rushing off to catch a flight.

Another reason to wait until Monday or Tuesday is also that the prices of the flights may be a bit less than traveling on a weekend.

What are the benefits of waiting a week or so?

Recently, we had a number of couples getting married around the Christmas holidays but they waited until January to take their honeymoons.

They got to spend the holidays with their family and they saved a lot of money by not traveling over Christmas/New Years week.

My Vacation Lady works with a lot of teachers who can’t take off during the school year for their honeymoons so even though Brianna and John got married in early November, they waited until Thanksgiving week before heading to Ireland for their honeymoon.

Should you wait a couple of months before leaving on your honeymoon?

These are the times that waiting a couple of months (or even a year) before taking your honeymoon makes sense:

  • Vanessa and Joe got married in January but since Vanessa is a teacher, they waited until late June before taking their honeymoon to Hawaii.
  • Patricia and Chris got married in October of 2014 but bought a house right before the wedding.  Rather than settle on a short getaway they decide to take their honeymoon for their 1 year anniversary.
  • If you are paying for your own wedding and funds are a bit tight, don’t stress over how you are going to pay for a honeymoon is you take it right after the wedding.  Wait a couple of months and plan when you can realistically figure out what you are comfortable spending.
  • If you get married in December and dream of going to the South Pacific for your honeymoon, waiting until their rainy season ends may make sense to you.
  • Or if you dream of a Greek Island honeymoon but your wedding is in the winter, wait until the hotels re-open in the spring or summer.

There is no right or wrong answer on when you should plan to leave for your honeymoon.  The right answer is what is right for the 2 of you.

My Vacation Lady is an award winning honeymoon specialist.  We take the time to get to know you as a couple so that we can design a honeymoon that is as unique as you are.   Contact us to help plan your dream honeymoon!