Are you taking a summer vacation this year?  Have you already planned it or are you still just in the dreaming stages.

  • Where are you planning to go?
  • How did you decide on the destination or the hotel or the cruise ship?
  • How much of a role is social media playing in your vacation decision making process these days?

If you do use social media for vacation inspiration, you are part of a growing number of travelers who do.  But between what your friends post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube and Twitter, it can get so confusing.  Your friends are posting pictures that look fabulous but do you even know where they were taken?  Are the pictures real pictures or were they enhanced?

Nicole and Tom on an excursion to Capri

Tammy and Dan are headed to the Amalfi Coast in September for an anniversary vacation.  Dan sent Tammy a picture that he found of Positano.  Tammy posted it on Facebook and got a dozen responses within minutes of her friends.  They were all recommending a different hotel to stay.  Unfortunately, some weren’t even in Positano.  She was confused about the difference between, the Amalfi Coast and the town of Amalfi and became even more confused about where to stay so this is where we’ll take over to guide them to the best options for their dreams and budget.

At My Vacation Lady, we combine our social media presence with a good dose of  “the personal touch” to vacation and honeymoon planning.  We’ve said for a long time, that vacations are not 1 size fits all.   While a destination may look great or may offer great deals, it’s only great if it’s the right vacation for you.

My Vacation Lady won’t be the first to tell you that your vacation or honeymoon should be special but we will make sure that it is special.