We keep hearing that Travel Agents are back.  Honestly, we never left.  We just changed a bit, became more advisers and consultants and focused on specialties rather than just selling airline tickets or packages.

At My Vacation Lady, we’ve been busier than ever.  We’ve added more vacation specialists to help our clients plan their dream vacations and honeymoons.

Why should you use a Travel Adviser for your vacation or honeymoon planning?

  1. Travel is a unique purchase— it’s not just buying a product.  You’re also buying SERVICE and we know how to combine both parts into a seamless and stress free vacation.
  2. Travel consultants are trained to look at many different options and pieces to creating the vacation or honeymoon experience that you are looking for.
  3. Travel consultants can sort through the hundreds (or thousands of different ) options and promotions out there to help create the best experience for you.
  4. You might know that Travel Consultants can save you time, but did you realize that we can also save you money?
  5. Professional and Trusted Travel Consultants may have access to upgrades and additional amenities that you may not receive when you book on your own.
  6. We know what questions to ask you to make sure that we can envision your vacation and honeymoon dreams and how to spend your valuable vacation time.  There are no do-overs for a vacation that hasn’t gone the way you hoped.
  7. Professional Travel Advisers are constantly taking classes and spending time and money learning about and visiting hotels, cruise ships and destinations so that we can give you the best advice.
  8. We are your advocates if something goes wrong.
  9. We can customize a vacation experience that you may not be able to on your own.
  10. Think of us as your personal shopper— but instead of clothes that may fit you the best, we’ll shop for the vacation experience that will fit you the best.

Instead of spending hours upon hours on the computer to plan your vacation or honeymoon, My Vacation Lady can help match your dreams and budget to the vacation or honeymoon experience that you really want.  We are a top rated travel agency in New Jersey and have been helping our clients plan their dream honeymoons and vacations for over 20 years.  This is all we do-each and every day.