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Honeymooning like a VIP

Years ago, it used to be pretty common for honeymooners to get extra perks or amenities and upgrades just for being honeymooners but now, many of these perks and amenities need to be carefully planned in advance. How can My Vacation Lady save you time and money while turning your honeymoon into a VIP experience? [...]

Why travel agents do it better

We keep hearing that Travel Agents are back.  Honestly, we never left.  We just changed a bit, became more advisers and consultants and focused on specialties rather than just selling airline tickets or packages. At My Vacation Lady, we've been busier than ever.  We've added more vacation specialists to help our clients plan their dream [...]

Are you on vacation planning overload?

Have you tried to search for a great vacation destination, only to come up with a 3,100,000 results?  That's what I just found when I searched for best tropical vacation destinations.  Everything from best travel credit cards to big Online Travel Agencies advertisements, to tourism boards to USA Today posts came up on the first [...]

A funny thing happened when going to frame a picture I bought in Cuba!

If you have been keeping up with My Vacation Lady's blog posts,  which come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you might notice that 2 of last week's blog posts had to do with our recent cruise to Cuba on the Fathom Adonia.  Today's blog is more about my experience AFTER we returned from our [...]

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