customized honeymoons

Great Honeymoon Destination- Hawaii

One of My Vacation Lady's favorite honeymoon destinations is Hawaii.  No if's, and's or but's, we LOVE Hawaii and so do our honeymooners.  For the friends and clients who know us, when we are in Hawaii, we are in our "Happy Place" With 4 major islands, all so different, a honeymoon to Hawaii can be [...]

Honeymooning like a VIP

Years ago, it used to be pretty common for honeymooners to get extra perks or amenities and upgrades just for being honeymooners but now, many of these perks and amenities need to be carefully planned in advance. How can My Vacation Lady save you time and money while turning your honeymoon into a VIP experience? [...]

Are these in your suitcase?

My Vacation Lady loves great packing tips--- how to pack less, how to pack better and what you really should pack but never remember. We came across this article from SmarterTravel on some items that you really should pack but may not remember to.  Here are their top ten items that you should pack but [...]

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