Grps Piton Suite at Ladera

Gros Piton Suite at Ladera

Every so often, My Vacation Lady will get a call from a groom about planning a honeymoon completely on his own.  He wants to surprise his bride to be with the honeymoon of her dreams.

Trust me guys, you DO want your bride’s input on the honeymoon.

When a groom to be called me a while back, we spoke briefly and he told me exactly what he wanted to do to surprise his bride.  I insisted on including her in the initial consultation so that I could get an idea of what her dream honeymoon would be.  I told the groom that after the initial consultation we could leave her out of the planning and we could certainly surprise her but ONLY after I spoke to her as well.

Guess what?  His idea of spending 2 nights in 5 or 6 different cities in Italy, Switzerland and Germany was NOT at all what she envisioned.  She didn’t want to spend her time traveling between cities.  She wanted to be able to relax and explore and enjoy the culture and the food and the sites of each.  Needless to say, if we have just gone with the groom’s idea, this would likely have been the honeymoon from hell for his bride.

We are all for surprising your bride with something special (maybe a beachfront dinner or a couples massage or a private drive along the Amalfi Coast or a cooking class) but not necessarily surprising her with the entire honeymoon unless you really know EXACTLY what her dream honeymoon looks like.

This article was written by a groom who also plans honeymoons for a living.  He has some good tips on how to plan a great honeymoon for both of you.

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