Many destination wedding guests don’t think they need travel insurance but in the last couple of weeks, My Vacation Lady has heard of 4 incidents that will make you realize how important taking out travel insurance is.

Typically, destination weddings are booked pretty far out and lots of thing can happen in a year, which is why we will offer travel insurance to all of our clients- including every guest who is attending a destination wedding.  We like to use travel suppliers who will offer a Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance since many of the reasons why destination wedding guests may cancel, may not necessarily be for reasons normally covered by travel insurance companies.

  • One of Mike’s destination wedding couples, sadly, ended their engagement after so many of their guests had booked their reservations to attend the wedding (including non refundable airfare).  Without Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance, the guests were out for the cost of the flights (unless they were able to use the airline tickets again for another trip) and the cost of non refundable hotel
  • In another instance, a wedding guest couldn’t get a passport because of back child support payments that were over due.  He couldn’t travel to Mexico without a passport.
  • Just recently, Monica had 2 rooms of wedding guests cancel their reservations for a destination wedding in Punta Cana that is in June— less than 30 days away and within full reservation penalties.  In one case, a groomsman died in an accident.  In the 2nd case, the wife just found out she was pregnant and her doctor advised her not to travel.  Both couples declined cancel for any reason travel insurance offered.

What happens if the destination wedding is planned and a hurricane hits?  While Travel Insurance policies all cover hurricanes differently and the travel suppliers may be more lenient when it comes to allowing guests to move dates, if guests were traveling just for the wedding, they may not want to go to the same location or hotel on different dates.

Yes, destination weddings are a great way to spend time with your wedding guests and for everyone to have a good time but PLEASE remember to take out travel insurance.  When the team at My Vacation Lady help plan our couples destination weddings, we never want to think that any of the examples above will happen but we want to keep our clients protected, it any of them do happen.  Let our destination wedding specialists, help plan your dream destination wedding.